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There are few things more exciting than the anticipation of becoming a parent. No matter what a parent’s preferences or ideas are in terms of their new baby — whether they want a boy or a girl, are hoping to raise an athlete or a scientist, etc.. — all parents share the hope that they will bring a healthy child into the world.

The fact that most parents want nothing more than for their baby to be safe and well only adds to the devastating nature of a birth injury. When a mother, fetus, or newborn suffers an injury or harm that they would not have incurred but for the wrongful or negligent actions of a medical professional, the situation can only be described as tragic.

At Preszler Law Firm, our birth injury lawyers are passionate about helping families recover damages when something has gone wrong during the gestation or birth process, leaving mother or baby or both with injuries. To learn more about your legal rights following a birth injury and how to file a claim, please call our legal team today for your free, no-obligation consultation.